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Breathing through a respirator is harder than breathing in open air. People with lung diseases such as asthma or emphysema, elderly people, and others may have trouble breathing. Some people with claustrophobia may not be able to wear a mask or hooded respirator. Some people with vision problems may have trouble seeing while wearing a mask or hood (there are special masks for people who need glasses).

Filters/ filtering canisters, Escape Hoods and Masks get old. Filters/ filtering canisters have a limited life. If the filters/ filtering canisters that attach to the Mask are outdated, have been open to the air or are damaged, you are not protected. Filters/ filtering canisters that contain charcoal or other chemicals for filtering the air should be in air-tight packages. If Filters/ filtering canisters are open or not packed in air-tight packaging, they should not be used. Even Filters/ filtering canisters in original packaging have expiration dates that should be checked before purchase. In addition, over time your Mask or Escape Hood can get old and break down. Keep your Gas Mask, Respirator or Escape Hood in a clean, dry place, away from extreme heat or cold. Inspect it according to the manufacturers instructions.