Buy combined industrial |bayonet filters - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod
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Buy combined industrial |bayonet filters - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod

Combined industrial
bayonet filters ARTIRUS-3


Low profile bayonet filter pairs with bayonet quick fit: gas, particle & combined for Usage with Gas masks ARTIRUS, ARTIRUS-̻ and half mask ARTIX. Bayonet filters offer High protection of human respiratory apparatus, skin of face and eyes against potentially Toxic or harmful chemicals such as gases, vapors and particulates (dust, smoke, fog) including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs).

The oxygen content in the ambient atmosphere must suffice at least 17 vol. %, total content of harmful chemicals must be less than 0,5 vol. %

Distinctive features:
Industrial combined bayonet filters ARTIRUS-3 types
  1. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" А2В2Е1К2P3 D
  2. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" А2В2Е2P3 D
  3. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" А2В2Е2P3 D
  4. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" А2Р3D
  5. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" А1В1Е1Р3 D
  6. Industrial combined bayonet filter "ARTIRUS-3" К2Р3 D
Bayonet connection
  1. Safe and Easy Filters Connection
Unique Filters Design
  1. The high efficiency against fine dust and aerosols, bacterial and virus aerosols, and under conditions of high level of suspended materials concentration
  2. Low overall dimensions
  3. Low weight
Up-to-date Micro-Glass Fibre copolymer Particle Filter
  1. Low level respiratory resistance
  2. Extra large dust capacity and high lewel shelf life
  3. Entirely non-asbestos filter
Double-sided Bayonet Filters Connection
  1. Balanced load distribution to the head
  2. Increasing of continuous wearing duration by 1,5 - 5 times
Technical characteristics:
Industrial Bayonet Filters technical characteristics