Buy combined industrial |threaded filters - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod
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Buy combined industrial |threaded filters - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod

Combined industrial
threaded filters IZOD


IZOD industrial combined filters produced by JSC ARTI-Zavod used with gas masks and face pieces, equipped by Screw-on thread ø 40 mm.

Offers High protection of human respiratory apparatus, skin of face and eyes against potentially Toxic or harmful chemicals such as gases, vapors and particulates (dust, smoke, fog) including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs).

Usage with Panoramic Masks MPG-IZOD, ARTIRUS-1, PPM-88 & Helmet Face Piece for Industrial Gas Masks manufactured by JSC ARTI-Zavod is strongly recommended.

The oxygen content in the ambient atmosphere must suffice at least 17 vol. %, total content of harmful chemicals must be less then 0,5 vol. %

Distinctive features:
Filters IZOD types
  1. Combined Filter IZOD А2АХР3D
  2. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2Р3 D
  3. Combined Filter IZOD А2Р3 D
  4. Combined Filter IZOD А1В1Е1Р3 D
  5. Combined Filter IZOD А1В1Е1К1HgР3 D
  6. Combined Filter IZOD К2Р3D
  7. Combined Filter IZOD В1Е1К2NOCO35SXР3D
  8. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2АХР3 D
  9. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2К2АХР3 D
  10. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2К2Р3 D
  11. Combined Filter IZOD В2E2Р3 D
  12. Combined Filter IZOD В2Р3 D
  13. Combined Filter IZOD К3Р3 D
  14. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2К2AXNOCOSXHgР3D MAXIMUM
  15. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2К2AXNOCOSXHgР3D
  16. Combined Filter IZOD А2В3Е3Р3D
  17. Combined Filter IZOD А3АXР3D
  18. Combined Filter IZOD А3Р3D
  19. Combined Filter IZOD В3Е3Р3D
  20. Combined Filter IZOD В3Р3D
  21. Combined Filter IZOD А3В3Е2АХР3D
  22. Combined Filter IZOD А2В2Е2К2COSXHgР3D
Filtering carbon block with high effective chemical absorbers
  1. Low-level weight (less than 500 gram) & dimensions
  2. High effectiveness against wide range potentially Toxic or harmful chemicals, including Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs)
Up-to-date micro-glass fiber HEPA filter P3
  1. Non asbestos
  2. High effectiveness against fine-dispersed particulates of different chemical nature, bacteria, viruses
  3. Dust resistance requirements conformity (marked additional letter D)
Shockproof polymeric housing
  1. High-level durability against shock and impact in operational use
  2. Inhibits corrosion and extends filters shelf life (not less than 6,5 year)
  3. Prevents spark formation, radiant heating steady, insures filters fire and explosion safety and allows filters application under condition of various hazard rating productions
A2B2Е2К2AXNOСOSXHgР3 D MAXIMUM special filter
  1. Protection against carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (NO+NO2) in addition
  2. High effective protection against radioactive agents
Basic components:

Housing lid with HEPA-filter

Protective cap

Stuffed housing

Rubber stopper