Buy filtering fire escape hood - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod
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Buy filtering fire escape hood - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod

Filtering fire escape hood GDZK-A (GDZK-AM version)


Escape Hood GDZK-A (GDZK-AM model) produced by JSC «ARTI-Zavod» provides complete protection of human respiratory apparatus, skin of face and eyes from fire along with the hazardous smoke and fumes, potentially toxic or harmful chemicals and other materials commonly released in a fire or chemical accidents in industry.

The oxygen content in the ambient atmosphere must suffice at least 17 vol. %

GDZK-A (GDZK-AM model) used for: evacuation from public and educational buildings, hospitals and nursing homes, trading and office centers, hotels and high-rise buildings, industrial sites, railway and subway buildings and constructions under conditions of fire and other emergencies.

Distinctive features:
Special design, heat resistant materials Hood
  1. Protection against brief flame contact and elevated temperatures
  2. Optimal Shape, Oversized Hood
  3. Fit to adults and youngsters up to 12 years old, even for bearded and longhaired users, spectacle wearers
  4. Goes on in seconds
Flexible latex neck seal
  1. Leakproofness
  2. High level Eye protection against combustion products
  3. Low weight, ecological compatibility and comfort
Multy-purpose gas filter B1E1K2NOCO35SX
  1. High level protection against carbon monoxide
  2. High level protection against other gases which are produced during a fire and chemical accidents in industry, Toxic agents: TICs and TIMs
  3. Service life: up to 35 min
High-efficient Up-to-date Particle HEPA Filter P3
  1. High efficiency against particulates, fumes and aerosols
  2. Extra large Dust holding Capacity
  3. Low level breathing resistance
  4. Non asbestos
Technical characteristics:
GDZK-A (GDZK-AM model) filter Break-Through Time and Technical Data
Basic components:

Escape Hood with filtering canister


Pressure-tight foiled package

Soft carrying bag