Buy industrial respirator with the half-mask - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod
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Buy industrial respirator with the half-mask - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod

Industrial respirator with the half-mask ARTIX & filters ARTIX, ARTIRUS-3 or ARTIRUS-P3

АРПБ.305271.001.000 ТУ

Filtering cartridge-type respirator ARTIX produced by JSC ARTI-Zavod is used for protection of human respiratory apparatus from potentially toxic or harmful chemicals such as gases, vapors and/or particulates (dust, smoke, fog).

The oxygen content in the ambient atmosphere must suffice at least 17 vol. %, total content of harmful chemicals must be less then 0,1 vol. %.

Distinctive features:
Adjustable head harness
  1. Optimal alteration to any head
  2. Maximum stability
Hypoallergenic silicone nosecup
  1. Do not caused an irritation of the skin
  2. Perfect conformity to any face type, unique protective properties
Double-sided bayonet connection of 1 and 2 protection class filters
  1. Reliable connection
  2. Low level respiratory resistance
  3. Low overall distribution to the head distribution to the head dimencions, balanced load
Adapter kit
  1. Well-known russian industrial RU-60, RPG-67 filters are dockable
Technical characteristics:
Technical characteristics of Half mask ARTIX and Industrial Bayonet Filters
Basic components:



Combined industrial
bayonet filters


Gas industrial
bayonet filters


Particle industrial
bayonet filters