Filters / Filtering canisters manufactured by JSC Arti-Zavod
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Filters / Filtering canisters manufactured by JSC Arti-Zavod

ARTI-Zavod manufactures both bayonet and regular Screw-on thread 40 mm Filters & Filtering Canisters. ARTI-Zavod manufactures Particle, Combined and Gas Filters & Filtering Canisters. Filters body is made of polymeric material and black in color.

Approvals for ARTI-Zavod Filters & Filtering Canisters:

  1. EN 14387: 2008 Respiratory protective devices - Gas filter(s) and combined filter(s) - Requirements, testing, marking
  2. ГОСТ Р 12.4.251-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Gas filters and combined filters. Requirements. Testing. Marking
  3. (ГОСТ Р 12.4.235-2012), EN 143-97 Respiratory protective devices Particle filters Requirements, testing, marking
  4. ГОСТ Р 12.4.194-99 Occupational safety and health standards system. Particle filters. General specifications