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Buy panoramic mask - Price in JSC Arti-Zavod

Panoramic mask MPG-IZOD

ТУ 2539-059-00149392-2007

Panoramic Gas masks with Regular thread connection produced by «ARTI-Zavod» offers complete protection of human respiratory apparatus, skin of face and eyes from potentially toxic or harmful chemicals such as gases, vapors and particulates (dust, smoke, fog).

For usage with various types of gas, Particle & combined filters (Ш40mm thread connection).

Usage with combined IZOD Filters manufactured by JSC “ARTI-Zavod” is strongly recommended.

Distinctive features:
Visor from Impact-proof Material
  1. High field of view
  2. safe protection for face and eyes
  3. Mechanical, temperature and chemical durability, safe protection for eyes and face
Double-sided speech diaphragm
  1. Clear communication
Special Design Silicone Nosecup
  1. Ergonomic and Comfort
  2. Prevents face skin irritation
  3. Anti mist design nosecup to direct incoming Air to the Visor, hence preventing Mist (Defogging effect)